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Education & Training: Caseworx and Ed Leadership Sims

Two companies obtain evidence for using creative approaches to learning

Information everywhere means that attention is being split between multiple activities and is increasingly hard to grab. Education and training
leaders need all the help they can get to create effective and engaging learning activities.

Some innovative companies are hitting back, creating new ways to present information that change, and may improve, how we learn. Immersion Neuroscience has partnered with two of these companies, Caseworx and Ed Leadership Sims, to evaluate their innovative approaches to education. Caseworx creates high-quality videos that depict key business decisions entrepreneurs face, while Ed Leadership Sims provides branching simulations of dilemmas faced by educators that promote active learning.

“Immersion Neuroscience gave us the opportunity to speak objectively about how our platform engaged learners. Measuring efficacy in learning is notoriously difficult, and Immersion gave us a way to frame the discussion that was relatable to educators. It was also great to see for ourselves that what we’re doing was making an impact.”

–Justin Wolske, CEO CaseWorx

CaseWorx Insights

We measured immersion while students either read the information in a case study (traditional approach) or watched a video depicting the same information
acted out in a rich context (Caseworx approach). The Immersion Neuroscience platform showed that, compared to reading the case study, the video was 14%
more immersive to students, reduced neurologic frustration by 75%, and produced 11% more peak immersion experiences.

Higher immersion produced better outcomes for students. The video improved knowledge recall by 97% and students reported that the video was 59% more
enjoyable than reading the same information. In fact, our proprietary Immersion QuotientTM was strongly correlated with knowledge retention (0.73) and
enjoyment (0.36); in other words, as immersion increases, students remember information better and enjoy the experience more. Frustration, which was
moderately high when reading the information, inhibited knowledge retention (correlation = -0.78) and reduced enjoyment (correlation = -0.37). Our
technology and insights validate the Caseworx presumption that story-based learning using well-produced videos more effectively conveys information and
makes learning more enjoyable than traditional learning approaches.


“Simulations harness the power of Stories to encourage engagement in Professional Development. We wanted to validate that Simulations are a more engaging form of PD. The hardware and software from Immersion Neuroscience enabled us to quickly ramp-up and gather valuable data in real time while minimizing the impact of information gathering on the experience of participants.”

-Ken Spero, CEO, Ed Leadership SIMS (ELS)

Ed Leadership Sims Insights

A second project compared adult learners roughly split evenly between the three ways to acquire information relevant to school administrators:
simulations, discussions, or reading.

We discovered that students were more immersed during discussions (16%) and simulations (10%) compared to simply reading cases. These interactive approaches also produced 13% and 12% more peak experiences and marginally reduced neurologic frustration. The Ed Leadership Sims team did not collect outcome data, but our prior work suggests that information retention in the simulation and discussion sessions would be better than simply reading the case.

So what?

Education is ripe for reform. Innovative companies like Caseworx and Ed Leadership Sims are using Immersion Neuroscience to test out new approaches to education and training. Immersion accurately predicts both immediate and long-term educational outcomes. By measuring brain activity, we have shown objectively that creative educational approaches enhance the learning experience and learning outcomes.

Improve your classroom, workshop, training, or presentation by using the Immersion Neuroscience platform with second-by-second, real-time feedback.