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Intelligent Employee Performance Analytics


Advertising, Direct Marketing, Market Research


Movies, Television, Gaming

Training and Education

Corporate, K-12, Military, Athletics


Customer Experience, UX, Retail, E-commerce


Corporate Events, Professional Talks, and Presentations

Measure the Value of Experiences

Immersion Neuroscience provides actionable data that shows what to change and who to target for maximum impact.

Our technology lets you measure neurologic Immersion in experiences in order to accurately predict and influence decisions.

Fully automated, scalable and easy to use technology: The software and sensor platform displays immersion data second by-second in real-time for any number of people.

Why Immersion?

Imagine if you could measure people’s actual unconscious and emotional responses to advertising, movies, training, at work, and at live events rather than relying on inaccurate self-reports. And imagine if you could do this easily, quickly, and collected information that predicted what people will do with 82% accuracy.  

Using the latest neuroscience, our technology shows you moments of peak immersion, when people become frustrated, and identifies those that are extraordinarily immersion (your experience evangelists).

Our platform captures what really matters and complements other insights tools, providing an unprecedented level of detail into the minds of consumers and employees.

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