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Measure the Value of Experiences

Fully automated, scalable, and easy to use technology.

View data in real-time from anywhere in the world.

We provide actionable information about what people really want and will pay for, measured second-by-second for our clients to create greater return on experiences (ROE).

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Our Technology

Helps companies create extraordinary experiences.

Consumers are demanding and paying for great experiences.

The science is clear: People are not capable of accurately reporting on the impact of experiences because experiences are largely unconscious and emotional.

By measuring unconscious emotional experiences, Immersion Neuroscience provides objective, accurate, and predictive information about consumers.

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Using the latest neuroscience, our technology measures unconscious emotional responses that reveal what to sell, what to say, and how to reach your audience.

Immersion is measured second-by-second using our proprietary Immersion Quotient™. Our platform instantly shows you moments of peak immersion, when people become frustrated, and identifies those who are extraordinarily immersed (your brand evangelists).

The Immersion Quotient™ predicts the impact of experiences with 82-95% accuracy, including purchases, social shares, brand loyalty, and enjoyment.

Our platform captures what really matters and complements other research tools, providing an unprecedented level of detail into the minds of consumers.

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The Immersion Neuroscience Platform

Sensor and software suite with data viewable in real-time by clients via an online portal. Optimizing experiences can now be done easily with our simple 0-10 Immersion Quotient™ (inQ) measure using data coming from the brain and captured through the heart.

  • Out of the hundreds of signals coming from the nervous system, in more than a decade of research we have identified those that accurately predict attention and emotional engagement.

  • We have created a “PhD on a chip” using complex signal processing algorithms to measure and display immersion in real time using an intuitive 0-10 scale.

  • Anyone can measure immersion with 30 minutes of training.

  • Real time data are viewable anywhere by any team member through a web interface.

  • Data are archived and can be downloaded for later analyses and comparisons.

  • inQ accurately predicts what people will pay for and who will pay, what they will remember, what they will share with 82%-95% accuracy. When the Immersion Quotient™ is high, actions follow. Our technology identifies at the most granular scale the words, colors, music, storylines, voices, and everything else that leads people to purchase, share, remember, discuss, and stay loyal to our clients’ brands.

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