Neuroscience: what people really feel about Super Bowl commercials and what they say they feel are worlds apart.

What was your favorite ad of last night’s Super Bowl? Did you like the one where Alexa loses her voice and is replaced by uncooperative celebrities? Or did you prefer the Game of Thrones/ beer commercial mashup? Or the one where the Dude hangs out with Carrie Bradshaw?

Whichever ad topped your list, I have news for you: you’re probably lying to yourself.

That’s the contention of neuroscientist and co-founder of Immersion Neuroscience Paul Zak in our sister publication, Fast Company. For years Zak has been peering into our brains to discover how they really react to marketing. What he’s discovered is of interest to both those curious about the weird workings of the human brain and marketers: we are really bad at gauging how commercials affect us.

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