Accenture: Immersion, learning and the importance of trust

The Challenge

In today’s competitive economy, a growing skills gap between tech and employees requires leaders to create new, immersive learning experiences, which means trust is critical.

The Problem

How can leaders assure employees that data collected during training is used appropriately? By designing learning experiences that boost engagement, build trust and reimagine work.

Meet Dr. Paul J. Zak, neuroscience researcher and Immersion Neuroscience CEO. He developed the Immersion Neuroscience Platform, a wearable and software that uses heart rate to measure oxytocin, the hormone released as people experience feelings of emotional resonance.“When your brain says, ‘This is valuable to you,’ it tags that experience emotionally,” said Zak. “When you care about people or about content, your brain releases oxytocin and it says, ‘This is something you should focus on.’”

We took the platform to the test to see if the wearable could change how we train employees and improve the design of our learning experiences.

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