This Group SJR-hosted event spotlights an innovative technology to help brands better understand what motivates consumers.


How can you measure the impact of brand content? On May 1 in Los Angeles, Group SJR and PRWeek tackled that question by launching an experiment in which marcomms leaders, each fitted with a sensor, watched five brand films. The sensor measured their neurological responses to what they were seeing on screen – second by second.

The analysis of the data, conducted by a team of on-site neuroscientists led by Dr. Paul Zak, founder and CEO of Immersion Neuroscience, the company that developed the sensor, was immediately shared with the audience. This was followed by a panel discussion featuring Group SJR CEO Alexander Jutkowitz; Dena Cook, EVP, head of global comms and PR at Mattel; and Zak.


The experiment yielded valuable insights that you can apply right now to the content you’re creating, to directly impact purchase activity.


Go to PR Week’s Article to check out the awesome video to get a taste of what happened.