Immersion Neuroscience on The Learning Geeks

In today’s episode, the Geeks are live again in Chicago, IL. Bob begins the show sharing a new study he is working on with Dr. Paul Zak, Neuroscientist and Professor at Claremont Graduate University. Bob shares how they are measuring immersion in real-time, within the classroom. The Geeks discuss the latest findings and what we [...]

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The science of storytelling in recruitment

Authentic storytelling can drive new talent to organisations, according to speakers at a PathMotion and Immersion Neuroscience event. Paul Zak, neuroscientist and founder of Immersion Neuroscience, spoke about how effective storytelling can affect brain chemicals and drive people to take action. He gave examples of how advertisers use neuroscience to create stories, and said recruitment [...]

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Pathmotion et le laboratoire Immersion Neuroscience* dévoilent les conclusions d'une étude portant sur le niveau d'immersion de candidats potentiels au cours d’un processus de recrutement. En voici les résultats en avant-première. Read Article (in French)  

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Une étude montre que les histoires des employés sont 20% plus immersives que les sites carrière

Scientific research on the role of storytelling in an HR context. PathMotion and Immersion Neuroscience today announced the results of their latest research, which analyzes the level of immersion of potential candidates during a recruitment process. The research, based on participants' physiological data, shows that employee stories are 20% more immersive than recruitment via career sites alone. [...]

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This Tiny Neurotracker Could Change The Way Brands Measure Engagement

The military funded this tech to help soldiers use words rather than weapons. But it turns out that your heart rate says a lot about your response to ads. In 2005, neuroscientist Paul Zak was on an airplane, hunkered down on his laptop in hopes of finishing his work before he arrived home to [...]

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