Immersion Education and Training

Corporate, K-12, Military, Atheletics

How do you know your learners will retain the content being taught?

Teachers and trainers know it is hard to keep a class engaged. Creative teaching approaches might improve outcomes, but you have to wait weeks or months to find this out.  Immersion is a leading indicator that your training will produce results.

The Immersion Neuroscience platform identifies in real-time if students are ready to learn. The platform also shows teachers and trainers if the audience is being immersed by the content and how likely they are to retain the lesson.  Our platform lets you make real-time instructional pivots so that information gets into learners’ brains.

Objective, reliable, real-time insights to optimize education and training.

Immersive Learning

Why does immersion matter?

Keeping attention is only half the battle. Learners also have to care about the content.  When that happens, they are immersed, meaning that they are more likely to remember the material, enjoy learning, and want to learn more.

The platform shows you:

How immersed students are by different instructional strategies

Which students are not ready to learn and need additional help

How to facilitate a flipped classroom by empowering the most immersed students to lead discussions

When learners have absorbed the material and are ready for a change

Don’t miss out on all Immersion Neuroscience can offer you.

We give you the tools to deliver training and educational content that sticks!

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