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Immersive experiences are at the heart of entertainment. The Immersion Neuroscience platform provides second-by-second analysis to identify when your audience is emotionally connecting to content. It also shows you which movies and  TV shows will be hits, and it will guide you on how to improve scripts, film cuts, and video games. Additional metrics identify the most passionate audiences neurologically–people who love the experience and will share it with others.

The fastest, easiest, and most reliable way to create entertainment people love.

Immersion builds better stories

Our roots in storytelling

Our research on the science of story serves as the foundation for platform algorithms that tell you when audiences are hooked on your content and want to experience it again and again.

Our platform gives you:

Real-time data on immersion for written concepts, storyboards, table reads, and finished content so you can optimize the creative process

Moments in the narrative that frustrate audiences that can be improved

Fandom identification- find consumer segments whose brains love the content, and identify how to speak to them in order to build a stronger fanbase for your content  

Don’t miss out on everything Immersion Neuroscience can offer you.

See how we have helped others in the industry create high-impact content.

Case Studies

Immersion Predicts New Song Popularity

Immersion Predicts New Song Popularity Immersion one month before the release of new songs predicted multiple measures of popularity The Problem One can listen to music almost anywhere, but with so many choices, music labels and platforms have an increasingly...

Can you Dial in Prediction?

Can you Dial in Prediction? The Problem Why not just ask people how they feel about a product, a show, or a politician? There is a deep assumption in economics and psychology that people know and can vocalize their own preferences. If this is the case, one can simply...

Immersion Identifies Top-Rated TV Shows with 88% Accuracy

Immersion Identifies Top-Rated TV Shows with 88% Accuracy Traditional techniques are unable to forecast ratings of unscripted TV shows The Problem One-half of the 400 highest rated shows on television in 2017 were unscripted "reality" TV.   These run the gamut from...

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The Neuroscience of Storytelling

Ever wondered why one piece of content leaves you cold while another hooks you to the end? Joe Lazauskas explains how the right story taps deep into the brain.   By Jonathan Crossfield   Like me, I’m sure there have been many times you’ve been unable to...

This neurosensor could predict hit TV shows with uncanny accuracy

What if TV networks could know whether they have a hit before a show airs? That’s the promise being made by Immersion Neuroscience, which launched the initial version of a neurotracking platform in March to measure people’s immersion in video content and live...

Our Brains Know if a Movie Will Bomb Before We Do

To keep tabs on movie buzz, studio execs these days monitor the Rotten Tomatoes Tomatometer and collect audience response cards at test screenings, as memorably portrayed in 2008's What Just Happened, starring Robert De Niro, as Ben, a Hollywood producer in crisis. In...

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