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Optimize and predict ROE (Return on ExperienceTM)

You’ve just spent a bundle on your off-site, was it worth it?  Next week’s speech just has to work, but will it? Measuring Immersion from audiences during rehearsals and at live events ensures that your content is making an impact and driving up ROE. Our scalability allows you to capture data from both small and keynote speaker -sized audiences.


Objective, actionable, scalable insights to increase the Return on Experience for your event.

Crafting Immersive Events

What makes a great live event?

Will your audience listen to you, or look at their phone?  When it absolutely has to be great, let us optimize how you practice, measure, and improve your experience before your event.

Our platform shows you:

How to improve your presentation for maximum impact

If your audience is immersed in your material

How to offer customized audience feedback for post-event reinforcement

How to pivot in real-time if your content is falling flat

Don’t miss out on all Immersion Neuroscience do for you.

See how you can build more immersive live events and increase ROE.

Case Studies

Choosing Sweets

Choosing SweetsPredicting Candy Preferences: It's All About the ExperienceThe Problem The notorious ‘sweet tooth’ – despite health sources urging us to avoid them, we still like sweets. We know we shouldn't, but what's better than chocolate melting in your mouth?...

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You’ve Told That Story 100 Times. Please Stop.

You’ve Told That Story 100 Times. Please Stop. Storytelling is supposed to be a bonding experience. But when we keep telling the same story without acknowledging the repetition, our listeners turn off. Here’s how to be a better storyteller.   By Elizabeth...

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