Intelligent Employee Performance Analytics

Uncover employee performance bottlenecks

Are your employees tasked with the right work activities? Immersion HR is data-driven neural job-crafting. We help you rapidly improve team performance by providing customized insights to individual employees and teams. Immersion HR provides clear guidance on training needs, task fit, and how to avoid burnout.

Team performance analytics that are objective, predictive, passive, granular, and customized.

Neural Job Crafting

What is neural job crafting?

We use our phones for everything–why not use them to accelerate employee performance? Immersion HR uses employees’ phones to send neural data to the cloud and provides tailored feedback to employees and managers.

The platform shows you:

– Customized reports on team performance

– Which tasks & activities engage or frustrate employees

– When more training is needed

– Who to elevate to tougher tasks

– When to intervene to stop voluntary quits

Don’t miss out on all Immersion Neuroscience can offer your team.

See how employers and managers are crafting jobs that lead to happier and more productive employees.

Case Studies

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