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People will pay for extraordinary experiences

In a competitive world, it is the extraordinary that sets you apart. How will you create extraordinary experiences for your customers? Rapidly increase sales and brand loyalty by measuring and optimizing the customer experience. Our tools are truly mobile, allowing you to collect Immersion data online, in-store, or in-home with your customers.

Objective and predictive insights into the experience economy.

Immersion in the Customer Journey

What makes a great experience?

Measure Immersion across all brand touchpoints to see how to optimize customer experiences (e.g., customer specialists, visual merchandising, brand websites, customer events).  Data can be collected anywhere customers interact with your brand.

Our platform:

Identifies the key parts of the customer journey that drive sales

Measures when you need to re-immerse customers before they walk away

Shows you how to identify and produce peak experiences

Measures the customer-sales associate relationship to identify training needs

Don’t miss out on all Immersion Neuroscience can do for your brand.

Build an extraordinary customer journey with Immersion.

Case Studies

Sales Associate Immersion and Customer Behavior

Sales Associate Immersion and Customer Behavior Can immersion of a sales associate predict customer purchases? The Problem The growth of e-commerce and general digitalization of the marketplace has been disruptive for retail. Contrary to popular belief, storefronts...

Measuring Immersion On the Go

Measuring Immersion On the Go Mobile Immersion Neuroscience Applications The Problem Companies spent $29 billion on outdoor advertising in 2017, spending that has been increasing by nearly a billion dollars a year.  An average company will spend about 10% of their...

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AFA JCDecaux’ innovations laboratorium, Alpha, har ved hjælp af neurovidenskabelige metoder og teknologier testet, hvordan reklamer egentligt opleves i det københavnske byrum. Se med her. Surveys og fokusgrupper bliver ofte brugt til at undersøge, hvordan reklamer...

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