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Stop hoping that your campaigns will work

The science is clear: People can’t accurately report on how they will respond to content because this is outside of conscious awareness. By measuring the brain’s unconscious emotional responses, Immersion Neuroscience gives you objective, accurate, and predictive insights about what consumers will do.

The fastest, easiest, and most reliable way to create emotionally engaging content and accurately predict market outcomes. 


Immersion Accuracy


vs with self-report

Immersion Predicts KPIs

What is wrong with asking for opinions?

Science shows that surveys seldom predict outcomes. Why? Humans don’t have the capacity to articulate what motivates them, or how they will behave.

The Immersion Neuroscience platform shows you people’s unconscious emotional responses in real time so you can that identify the words, colors, music, and storylines that capture audiences and drive purchasing decisions.

THE ONLY PLATFORM that accurately predicts market outcomes

The Immersion Neuroscience algorithms are based on 15 years of scientific research.

The platform is usable anywhere, by anyone.


which campaign will sell the most


what elements immerse or frustrate your audience


what to Optimize, shifting your campaign from good to great

Don’t miss out on all Immersion Neuroscience can offer you.

See how we have helped others in the industry create better marketing content.

Case Studies

Democratic Debate: Who Won and What Do Voters Care About?

Democratic Debate: Who Won and What Do Voters Care About? The crowded June 2019 Democratic presidential primary debate The Problem The Democratic candidate who convinces voters she or he should run against President Trump in 2020 will have to determine how to connect...

Communicating Higher Utility Prices

Communicating Higher Utility Prices Using neuroscience to persuade consumers that higher prices are necessary The Problem How do you influence customers' attitudes toward an increase in utility rates? This is the question our client, Scott Clark, faced when he advised...

Who Won the #ImmersionBowl 2019?

Who Won the #ImmersionBowl 2019? Would you enjoy chunky milk? The Problem Why do people who don’t like sports watch the Super Bowl? The ads of course.  Thirty percent of people watch the Super Bowl just for the commercials.  Super Bowl commercials are a cultural...

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Video: Create Content that Leads to Purchase

This Group SJR-hosted event spotlights an innovative technology to help brands better understand what motivates consumers.   How can you measure the impact of brand content? On May 1 in Los Angeles, Group SJR and PRWeek tackled that question by launching an...

Which commercial won the Super Bowl? Depends on who you ask

BY JEFF BEER at Fast Company How do you measure the success of a Super Bowl commercial? No, seriously, how do you do it? Because everyone else is. As the profile and cultural significance of the big game has only grown for advertisers (not to mention the price of...

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